Trojan Heroes

Sturgis Public Schools recognizes three Trojan Heroes per month at a Board of Education Meeting. Each recipient receives a framed certificate that says "Awarded with great appreciation to ____ for supporting and empowering all to be learners and servers through service to others, a growth mindset, and a positive attitude."
To nominate an individual for this recognition, please email Art Ebert or Nicole Airgood with your nomination including the rationale for your nomination.
Pictured then listed below, are our past recipients.


Kim Lego (Wenzel Educational Assistant) June 2021
Cecilia Nieves Ramirez (Food Service / Summer School Secretary) June 2021
Tracie Pueschel (Wenzel Teacher) June 2021
Toni Andrews (Eastwood Secretary) May 2021
Sarah Freye (High School Teacher) May 2021
Chris Lawson (Wall Custodian) May 2021
Carie Areseneau (High School Teacher) April 2021
Alex Mitlon (Tech Integration Coach) April 2021
Jim Whitehead (Middle School/High School Teacher) April 2021
Ann Araujo Aquino (Wall Educational Assistant) March 2021
Pam Keeslar (Eastwood Teacher) March 2021
Von Metzger (Technology Director) March 2021
Paul Currier (Eastwood Custodian) February 2021
Eliot Gitelman (Middle School/High School Teacher) February 2021
Dave Northrop (Safety & Security Director) February 2021
Amanda Feyes (Congress/Wall Teacher) January 2021
Melissa Frye (High School Teacher) January 2021
Courtney Patrick (High School Counselor) January 2021
Tyson Dilts (Wenzel Teacher) December 2020
Patti Miller (Food Service Director) December 2020
Lisa Yoquelet (Wall Teacher) December 2020 
Stephanie Byler (Eastwood Teacher) November 2020
Alison Idriss (High School Secretary) November 2020
Andrea Littlefield (Middle School Teacher) November 2020