Where to get Emergency Information

Where to Get Emergency Information

The following news outlets will be notified in the case of a school delay, closing, or emergency. 


WWMT, Kalamazoo CBS

WNDU, South Bend NBC

WOOD TV 8, Grand Rapids NBC

WOTV, WXSP, Kalamazoo/Battle Creek

FOX 17, West Michigan


WBET, Sturgis   99.3 FM

WTHD, LaGrange   105.5 FM

WLKM - Three Rivers  95.9 FM

WKFR, WRKR, Kalamazoo  103.3 FM, 107.7 FM

Sturgis Public Schools Website

If school is closed or delayed, there will be a message on the front page of the Sturgis Public Schools site at www.sturgisps.org.

Facebook Page

The District Facebook page "Sturgis Public Schools" will have a message regarding school delays, closings and emergencies.

Powerschool Announcements

In addition to TV and Radio stations, if you have signed up at any time for Powerschool, you will receive notifications based on your "Power Announcement" preferences. This is the area in Powerschool where you can choose to receive notifications in the following ways:

1. Text Message

2. Phone Call

3. Email

How to Sign up for Powerschool Announcements

1.  login to Powerschool

2.  On the left navigation bar, choose "Power Announcement"

3.  Choose your "Preferences by Message Type"

4.  Complete your "Preferences by Contact Field"

5. Complete your "Preferences by Message Category"

6.  Click "Save Preferences" at the bottom right corner to save your choices

Mobile App Alerts

Download the “Sturgis Public Schools” mobile app and automatically receive alerts from the district. *Make sure your phone notifications are turned on for the app.*