Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction! 

It is our goal at Sturgis Public Schools to educate every child so that s/he leaves school with the skills necessary for living in the 21st century. 

 It is the responsibility of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction to review and revise district curriculum so that is aligned to state standards and benchmarks.  A curriculum review cycle is provided under the Curriculum tab.

Assessment,  a critical component of instruction, is coordinated through the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.  Sturgis Public Schools uses a variety of assessments, including both summative (like the MSTEP and SAT) and formative (teacher-created assessments).  A calendar of district assessments is provided under the Assessment tab.

 To ensure that curriculum is delivered effectively, it is also the responsibility of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction to provide professional development to teachers to ensure that they have the skills necessary to ensure academic success for every one of our children.  A calendar of professional development activities is available in the Professional Development tab.

 If you have any questions regarding Curriculum and Instruction at Sturgis Public Schools, please contact the Assistant Superintendent, Julie Evans or the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, Ana Garcia.