How can I get my child’s Power School information?  
Your child's Access ID and Access Password can be obtained by calling your school building secretary.

How old must my child be to be able to go to kindergarten?  
Your child must be 5 on or before September 1st of the current school year.

Who can pick up my child?  
Only parents or guardians or those authorized by the parent or guardian on the Data Enrollment Form (which is filled out at the beginning of each school year).  People picking up the student may be asked to present a photo ID.

Can a parent come have lunch with their child? 
Yes!  Everyone must sign in at the office upon entering the school, show a Photo ID, and sign out at the office when exiting the building.  Adult lunch needs to be called in to the school office by 8:30am to be sure enough lunches are available.

Can my child take medication at school?  
All prescription medication has to be administered from the office by written permission of the parent.  Students are not allowed to transport medication to and from school.  It must be delivered by a parent or guardian.  Forms are available at the school office to fill out.  Medication must be in ORIGINAL containers to be authorized and administered.  Any unused prescribed medicine will be destroyed at the end of the year.

What do I do if my child is dismissing differently than usual (bus, pick up, ect.)?  
Dismissal changes for students need to be called in to the office no later than 2:30 p.m. to ensure the message gets relayed to the classroom on time.

Where are your sports facilities located?
Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Baseball, Wrestling
Sturgis High School
216 Vinewood Ave.
Sturgis, MI  49091

Sturgis Community Pool (across the street from Sturgis High School)
216 Vinewood Ave.
Sturgis, MI  49091

Eastwood Elementary (fields behind the school)
909 S. Franks Ave.
Sturgis, MI  49091

Augspurger Tennis Courts
1100 S. Michigan Ave.
Sturgis, MI  49091

Is the __________ game today still on?  
All of the Varsity games are managed through Schedule Star. Here is a link to Schedule Star website that has Sturgis game information.