Maintenance and Transportation Department receive grant
Maintenance and Transportation Department Receive Grant
Posted on 08/29/2016

In August, the Transportation & Maintenance department of SPS received a grant for their participation in the Michigan Renewable Schools Program. This grant is awarded to districts who contribute time and effort by gathering data that can help implement energy efficiency throughout our schools. 

This program provides schools with technical assistance and incentive funding to:

-Install renewable energy systems, including solar and/or wind turbine systems

-Provide teachers with energy lesson plans, lab equipment, and professional development to make energy efficiency and renewable energy an integral part of their classrooms and school community.

-Engage teachers and students in green initiatives that explore the challenges and opportunities of building a sustainable energy future.

(information provided by Ecology Center)

Dan Root of SPS added, "We will continue to work with the program to utilize other grant opportunities, and help us navigate through those processes as well as continue to seek further opportunities."