Art in the Elementary Schools

Students in Mrs. Suess-Brandow's lower elementary art classes have been experimenting with several fun activities. On designated days called "Choice Days", students are given the opportunity to draw and paint as well as play with iPads, Picasso magnet tiles, architecture blocks and much more. "Kids are more engaged when they choose what to work on," said Brandow. 

Working with the iPad is probably favored the most by students, thanks to an art app that allows users to "throw" a pot, sculpt with 123D Sculpt and create tessellations. Brandow has been moving more towards the choice model in art education called T.A.B. (teaching Artistic Behaviors). The TAB model is also being implemented at the Middle School by Ms. Svoboda. During the Choice Days, Mrs. Brandow visits individually with students for personal reflection time, which includes asking the children to critique their latest creative successes. "It's very exciting to see what they are thinking and making." 
Brandow added.

students in art classstudents in artstudents with iPad