Food Safety Inspections

Did you know...

All 35 of our Food Service employees have attained certification through the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph County Health Department

Of those 35 Food Service employees, 25 are "Certified Food Handlers"  and 10 of our Food Service employees are "Certified
Professional Food Managers
" requiring more thorough training and understanding of food safety procedures.
There are not many food service industries that have ALL of their food service employees trained and certified in food safety standards!
We are required to have two Health Department inspections each year, below is a record of each schools inspection dates and results:

School 1st Inspection Results 2nd Inspection Results
Sturgis Middle School 10/07/2016 No violations    
Wall Elementary 10/11/2016 No violations  3/9/2017  No violations
Wenzel Elementary  10/11/2016  No violations   2/23/17  No violations
Congress Elementary 10/11/2016 No violations  3/9/2017  No violations
Jerolene Elementary 10/11/2016 No violations 3/9/2017 No violations
Eastwood Elementary 10/12/2016 Open dumpster lid  3/21/2017 No violations
Sturgis High School  10/12/2016 Open dumpster lid,
open container in kitchen
3/21/2017 No violations 
Trinity Lutheran School 10/26/2016 No violations  3/21/2017 No violations
 Sturgis Central Commons  10/18/2016 No violations  3/16/2017 No violations

Certificate of Excellence Award
 presented by the Branch Hillsdale St. Joseph Community Health Department to the following schools with production kitchens for continually maintaining a high level of Sanitation in 2015:
Congress Elementary
Eastwood School
Jerolene Elementary
Sturgis High School
Sturgis Middle School
Wenzel Elementary
 Congratulations to ALL of our schools for ensuring the health and safety of our students!
If you have any questions or comments regarding our Health Department training, rules or inspection results please call:
Patti J. Miller, SNS
Food Service Director
(269) 659-1546